All About Me

Meeting interesting talented people and collaborating to make great pictures is one of my favorite things — the others being cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels ;-) I’m a great photographer and, as you can tell by now, I have the ability to defuse an awkward situation with a mediocre joke. This comes in very handy when I have to shoot someone, or when I photograph people. I’m relaxed, calm and a nice guy.

Most importantly I know the shoot is not about me but all about you and making pictures that represent who you are.

But enough about you, some more about me: I have a Masters Degree in photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York and have had some success as an artist and filmmaker. My work has been shown in galleries and at film festivals in the USA, Europe and Africa. I’ve also been published in The New York Times, New York Magazine, Out Magazine, Time Out New York, Kaiserin Magazine, Premier Semestre, New York Blade and Vice Magazine.

Please contact me with questions, requests or recipes for crisp apple strudels.


Frequently Asked Questions

Even though we’re both working during the session, it should always feel effortless and fun. Every session starts with a clean slate. We’ll have a discussion about the kind of shots you need to help you communicate your message. With my background in branding and my love for photography we’ll create powerful pictures together to help you reach your goals. 


Can we talk?

Yes, please! Before you make a decision to shoot with me please feel free to contact me. I’m more than happy to talk, email, chat, Skype, FaceTime, message or meet with you for a consultation. This page will hopefully answer some of your questions …


Where do we shoot?

My place is very conveniently located near Union Square in Manhattan.  There’s an L train stop on the corner and the N, R, Q, 4, 5, and 6 just a couple of blocks away. We’ll shoot inside and if weather permits we’ll go outside for some beautiful natural light. I can also travel to your office or choice of location if needed.


What should I wear?

It’s always great to have a lot of options, bring more outfits than you think you’ll need. Bring your favorite pieces. Whatever you feel comfortable in as long as it is appropriate and not white or black. A nice muted color is usually good. Also, try to avoid patterns, stripes and crazy prints. If you’re looking to do a number of different looks it’s a good idea to vary the main outfit colors from look to look. Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed. Your jewelry should be very minimal, if any. Remember the focus should be on your face and not on your fashion (unless you’re the new Lady Gaga or Bjork, then disregard all of the above).


What about hair and make-up?

While you want to look your best in your headshot, you also want to be able to look like your picture when you walk into an audition or meet people face to face. Men usually don’t need any make-up, but might want to get a haircut and shave or trim your beard (unless you’re going for that scruffy look.) Skin blemishes and out of place hairs are easy enough to take care of after the fact. Most women can do their own basic make-up, the way you would before going to an audition. Of course you’re welcome to bring a make-up artist along to the shoot, but I prefer that you show up ready so we can focus on taking pictures for all of your allocated time. Go to a hair stylist before and get a look you’re comfortable with maintaining on your own.


Why do I need my pictures retouched?

Because everyone does, we’ve come to expect to see images that have been altered. This is nothing new. Since the invention of photography people have applied finishing techniques to pictures in the dark room. In the golden age of Hollywood photographers would literally airbrush prints with paint. This doesn’t mean a headshot should be retouched into the fourth dimension. A very subtle manipulation is often all that’s needed. In most cases this means getting rid of out of place hairs and skin blemishes. Eyes and teeth are brightened slightly and age lines are given a subtle touchup. It is very important that you still look like yourself, just not like your selfie.


How do I know my headshots will best represent who I am?

If you look at my online portfolio you’ll notice that each picture looks unique, they’re framed, lit and shot differently. Before our shoot I take the time to talk to you and get a sense of your personality. We discuss what it is you need to get out of the shoot. I make sure that when we’re done you’re satisfied with your images. Some photographers offer cookie-cutter solutions with an impressive technical ability to take the same picture over and over. The downside to this is that your headshot ends up looking like everyone else’s shots. There’s nothing worse than blending in when you need to stand out.


Can I pay you in chickens?

Depends on how many eggs they lay per day. But I prefer cash, check, PayPal or credit card on the day of the shoot. If you need to pay in installments or need a break, please talk to me about it and we’ll make a plan.